Barn Hunt

Next Intro to Barn Hunt Class: July 11 @ 10:30 Cost is $30 per pup

Master/Senior Barn Hunt classes are by Private sessions only
The sport of Barn Hunt is based on the hunting and teamwork skills historically used by “rat catchers” who traveled the countryside ridding farms of vermin. Dogs and handlers work as a team to locate and mark rats (safe in aerated PVC tubes) hidden in a maze of straw or hay bales.

The event is open to all dogs, in which it will test the nose, speed, agility and surefootedness of dogs. Many breeds and mixed breeds enjoy the search and can excel at this sport. Dogs with high prey drives and toy breeds also do very well at this.

What you will need for Barn Hunt? A dog, a chair, treats, and a sense of humor ;) Taught by a licensed BHA Judge, who runs champion (RATCH-X ) Border's.
Classes cost $20.00 per dog. (Novice and Open classes get at least 4 runs per class) Private rat meet&greets cost $20.00 for 30 minute
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