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 Boarding is $30 per day, (there is a price break for 2nd dogs in the same kennel) , Board and Train is $70 per day.
Our kennel runs are 5' X 10'.  The pups have a television playing all dog friendly movies, get to watch the horses out the window, get potty time every 3 hours in a one acre fenced-in/supervised yard, and get some play time with Des...who has been known to brush, groom, play fetch and other games  ;)
AgilityPaws Board and Train is for those who have ever wished they had more time to train the dog, but just can’t seem to squeeze the extra time into your schedule?
Four 15-minute training sessions during the day, while they stay with us, tailored to the goals you wish to meet. We can start them on their agility journey or pick up where you are at. Along with their training schedule, we will provide supervised playtime for your pet.  Your furry kids will always be eyes and cameras. 
Or do you have a day-trip planned? Don’t want to leave your pet alone? We also offer daily boarding, featuring indoor-air conditioned runs (not crates). Playtime, snacks…your dog will think they are having the grand outing, and yes…affordable.
Before you leave your dog with us, we invite you to see where they will be staying.
 We treat our dogs like "furry kids", and would never let anything happen to them...I promise.
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